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The Beach

Feel what it's like to live on the beach

What makes CasaMar an unique beach house,?

The combination of luxury and comfort, the lush tropical garden with private beach

(with direct access to the public beach of Porto Mirim)

makes you feel living a dream!

Experience the breath taking sunrise or sunset

from your beach lounger or hammock.

Did you know that a NASA study measured Rio Grande do Norte to have

the purest (clean) air in the world?


There is no pollution caused by industry or intensive car traffic!

Porto Mirim originally was a natural rainforest and inhibited by Indians.

Mangrove root remnants still become visible along the shore of the bay after a strong tide.


Porto Mirim not only offers access for the sea tides,

but also for a local sweet water river to flow into the salty ocean.

An unique natural phenomen to watch alongside Casamar.


Porto Mirim is a surprisingly remote, beautiful and safe beach,  proteced by coral reefs.

The beach gets lively during the day when it is summer high season.

After sunset everyone enjoy their evening at home all year round.

The sandy beach has a natural, long slope before reaching deeper (fishing) waters.


It is ideal for a relaxing walk, jogging or other sports activities.

The temperature of the sea water is luke warm, yet refreshing and inviting to have a stroll,

swim or watch the children jump safely into the water.

And if you just want to enjoy privacy,

you have the option of taking refuge in the green oasis with leisure  cabins.

Perfect for meditation, reading or spending quality time with family or friends.

A dip in the pool will keep you cool!

And don't forget to give advance notice to our staff if you want to plan

a barbecue, so they can prepare the fire ahead of time!

Attractions in the Region


Miramar Restaurant is the starting point for guests who want to go kayakking in the bay.

ATV Rental & Horseback Riding

Options to rent ATV squads to discover the area or go horseback riding on the beach.

maracajau (1).jpg
Parrachos (coral reefs) in Maracajau

The coral reefs in Maracajau are an absolute attraction while in the region.

Buggy Tours

The beach is also a starting point for those who want to take a buggy ride through the dunes of the region.

Kite Surfing

Both Porto Mirim and Jacuma beaches are perfect for kite surfing on windy days.


Try the local fresh fish or a Brazilian buffet or barbecue in any of the local restaurants, like
‘’MIRAMAR’’ in Porto Mirim or ‘’NAF NAF’’, ‘’ALHO E OLEO’’ and ‘’ROSA’’ in nearby Jacuma Beach.

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